Below are our recommended Seo tips. We are happy to provide these seo tips to help you have online success. SEO tips for on-page optimization.


1 – Do keyword research to identify the keywords people are using to search with. There is nothing more frustrating than building a site for keyword you thought was good and nobody is looking for it.

2- If you can get a domain name with your most popular keyword in it. This is not always possible as most have already been taken. If this is the case get a longer keyword that contains your major keyword. eg if your major keyword is “Builder Miami” you might try for the domain name “best builder Miami” or “home builder Miami” or “house builder Miami” all of these include the popular term “Builder Miami” but they also include another search term eg “House Builder Miami”

3- Make sure you have SEF ( search engine friendly) urls eg is a lot better than which contains no keyword for the page. Avoid this at all costs.

4- Use the correct metadata including title, description and keywords. Metadata should include your main keyword for the page. You should only place in the most important keywords for the page and the common ways of listing them are eg keyword 1 – keyword 2 – keyword 3 Next you should have a description that uses the keywords at least once. Do not try to keyword spam as it is google suicide and will kill your click through. The description is seen in the Google search results and should be aimed at the people who are doing the searching getting them to click through. Next You need to do you keywords, list the keywords and separate them with a comma. Once again do not repeat the same keyword more than once. At most include the singular and plural version of a word eg cat, cats

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5 – Write relevant, interesting and informative content. Include your keywords naturally in the content. Do not keyword stuff, you are committing Google suicide.

6 – Use image alt text. include your keyword in the image alt text field.

7- Use H tags for your headings. Always use the H1 tag for your first heading and your most popular keyword. Do not use more than one of each headings per page.

8 Р Use tools such as Seo magnifier site explorer, this tools allows you to spy on your competition, find where they are getting there backlinks from and what anchor texts that are using. This is highly recommended. After this the next step is to get backlinks and lots of them. You can get many different types of links including blog comments, homepage backlinks,article links, press release links etc.


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