There is an ever-growing list of link exchanges services currently available and so it would be impossible to cover every single one of these especially as some of them are kept private and aren’t advertised strongly to keep those webmasters involved in a stronger and more secure position. However there are a few link exchange link building services that we have used for years and really make it both simple and very cheap to make all the connections you could possibly want and its these that I’d like to highlight to you today.

Link Market  

Link Market owns a vast database of websites that are actively involved in link exchange link building and are seeking new connections. You can go over and register for a free account here which makes it easy for other websites to find you and contact you to arrange a link exchange. However if you’re serious about exchanging links with a decent number of sites it’s worth considering upgrading your account from the free version to the paid version.

The paid version is still very low cost but enables you to actively contact other websites to arrange links rather than waiting around for other sites to contact you and because of this more proactive approach it is possible to build far more links, to far higher-quality sites, far more quickly. One aspect I particularly like about working with Link Market is the automated element of their system. You can search through all the available sites either by category or by entering a keyword which will then bring up a list of sites in your niche that are interested in exchanging links.

Clicking a button will send them an automated message that you’re interested in exchanging links with them. Assuming they like your site they add a link from their site to yours and then paste the URL of your link into the Link Market system. You can then check that your link is present before adding their link to your site and submitting that page to the system. The system checks that both sites have linked successfully and the exchange is complete. This means that you can contact dozens even hundreds of potential link exchange partners in a very short space of time and you don’t need to worry about crafting personal emails to each one etc.

The whole process takes a matter of minutes each day and simply involves finding new partners, or adding a few links to your site while the Link Market system deals with all the finding partners, all the communication between partners and all the link checking. One final tip worth being aware of is that Link Market have recently released a WordPress plugin that makes adding links to your site even easier. If you’re using WordPress you can use their free plugin to automatically add all the links to your site from your agreed link exchanges making their system for SEO link building even quicker and easier than ever before. Find out more about Link Market here.

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