Link Partners Rather like Link Market, Link Partners hosts a large database of websites actively seeking link exchanges though the method of connecting with these websites is far more of a manual process. Link Partners simply lists the sites and its down to you to go and visit each site and figure out how to swap links with them which may involve manually sending emails etc so link exchange link building can be quite a bit slower with Link Partners when compared to Link Market and its often possible to spend hours sending requests manually only to find that not a single site ever responds to your enquiry . Having said that once you’ve exhausted the linking options at Link Market then Link Partners can still be a useful resource, its just less time-efficient.

One feature worthy of mention is the link exchange management software that Link Partners offers called Links Manager. This software makes it easy for potential link partners to submit link exchange requests to you through a handy form that you host on your website. The form requests all the necessary details from potential link partners including the location on their site of the link to you. When a submission has been made and the link to your site has been verified then the proposal appears in your control panel for you to approve or decline. If you approve the exchange then the link is automatically added to your link page without you needing to do anything more than click a button. No more copying in link text, URLs and so on which can be a real time-saver, and furthermore you know that every request you look at has already been approved by the system and they already have their link in place.

Lastly Link Manager keeps a regular eye on your link exchanges to ensure that your partners continue to link back. One common problem with link exchange services is that you arrange to swap links with a partner and the links go live on both sites but some time later the links pointing to your site start to disappear. Sometimes a site is closed down. Sometimes a site changes their policies and deletes their link page. Maybe a change to the file name means that the link is worth less to you. In these cases where you have exchanged links with numerous sites it can be very difficult indeed to keep track of exactly who is linking back and who isn’t. Furthermore if you’re linking out to a site that no longer links back then clearly you’re losing out on the deal but until now it has been virtually impossible to track and monitor this situation.

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