Fortunately Link Manager regularly checks to ensure that your links are still present and should it find that a link is missing you will be alerted so that you can choose to contact the website in question to ask why or to simply and easily remove their link from your site with the click of a button. In many ways then, for people who are serious about link exchange link building services the Link Manager service is well worth considering as it will save you an enormous amount of time as well as ensuring that you don’t lose out on any link swaps.

Linkmen is rather similar to Link Market in that it hosts a huge directory of websites actively looking for link exchange partners which can be contacted quickly and efficiently through their system. Linkmen also has the added bonus that it provides quite a range of details on each potential partner including, but not limited to, the Page Rank of each site, its Alexa ranking and how many successful link exchanges each site has done. This extra visibility can be useful for helping you pick out link exchange partners who not only have high quality sites that are likely to be particularly beneficial for your traffic levels but additionally to discover which sites are most likely to respond to your requests in contrast to those who list their site on a whim and then never use the system again.

There is a further bonus to the Link2Me SEO link building service and that is that all the sites in their database are manually approved by the team that runs the site thus eliminating a lot of junk websites and that those websites that aren’t actively engaging in link exchanges are automatically hidden from the directory so you can feel reasonably confident that all the potential partners you find are both decent quality *and* are looking to exchange links right now.


Value Exchange Value Exchange is a rather different beast to the link building services listed above. Rather than a readily-accessible directory of sites looking to exchange links which you can search through Value Exchange tends to keep things far more hidden. There’s no way that you can view the sites that are listed in their database or manually request exchanges with other websites. So how on earth does it work? At Value Exchange you register your website and wait for manual approval that it has been added to the database with the theory being that this quality control element will prevent junk sites slipping in.


Then you wait. Every so often the Value Exchange system will match up your website with other related websites also looking to exchange links and will then email you to say they’ve found you matches. You’ll have access to a small, carefully-chosen list of potential partners to select from and you can check out of of the sites and then contact them directly if you like what you see. The way that Value Exchange is set up has a number of unique benefits and weaknesses over other competing link exchange link building services.


Firstly the lack of visibility means that there is less chance of the search engines penalizing sites for engaging in this service and furthermore the fact that sites are hand-picked means the links you receive will likely be reasonable quality. On the downside, due to the manual nature of the Value Exchange process it can take quite some time to build up a decent number of link exchanges and actually gain any real traction in the search engines. Personally I still like Value Exchange because as the name suggests it’s about more than just link swaps.


It’s about link swaps between related, good quality sites with an aim to not only increase your incoming links but to also make your links page a genuinely useful resource for your visitors as it points to a range of closely-related, relevant and good quality sources of additional information.


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