Google Auto Suggest Fixing and API from Reputation Management Cheetah

Below we have created access to a Google Toolbar API that allows you to check out the top 10 Auto-Suggestions for any search term. What did you find? Was it something undesirable that you may not want to have people who may be researching you or your business to find? If this is the case and often times it is than you may want to have that changed. The question is which company is actually able to fix these search results and how do they do it?

Well first type in your search term and see what you find:

The tool will show you not only the top 4 local search results that you would find in Google Chrome, I.E., Safari, Firefox, or any other browser but also the other 6 results showing 10 different results. Now you can contact one of our Reputation Management Cheetah experts and ask about how we can influence and change the Google Auto Suggest results with our customized software that we have built.